Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Rookie App Development Mistakes

Posted by Unknown On 7/22/2014
With a multitude of mobile devices that do many of the things standard desktops perform, without the extra heft, mobile computing is looking a lot more like the way of the future.
Coinciding with this development, more and more people are also using mobile apps instead of standard software applications. These bite-sized programs can be launched with the tap of a finger, and can even be used by companies to make client transactions easier. If you plan on developing an app for your business, though, be sure to avoid these rookie mistakes:
Design as You Go
Be sure to finalize the app design before proceeding to the programming phase. When you don’t have a blueprint in hand, it’s easy to lose sight of your original vision, causing you to add features that might not really be necessary.

Too Many Features
Speaking of features, note that a mobile app does not have to be the software equivalent of a Swiss knife. Carefully pick which functionalities your app will possess; including too many makes for a cluttered and confusing user experience.

Screen Size
Many people have one or more mobile devices with varying screen sizes. As such, program your app to display properly across devices big and small. If you need help with the development process, don’t hesitate to contact trusted app developers in Perth.


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