Thursday, 31 July 2014

"Designed for both iPhone and iPad, Cute Little Pet Roundup Adventure – Find and Save Lost Pets offers some cool game features. Players are going to dig the ultra-cool design the Perth iPhone app developers used, like the amazing graphics, groovy original songs, and sound effects whenever players bust a move in style. Players can also choose among five backgrounds where they want to play: The City, The Backyard, The Living Room, The Park, and The Vet Clinic. Developers also note that gamers of all ages can appreciate the three modes of gameplay the app features. The Levels mode is best for players who want to test their skills and become the best."

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Web Design: Processing Text and Graphic Content

Posted by Unknown On 7/29/2014
Processing text and graphic content is an important part in the holistic website design process as this sets the scope and limitations, goals, and other important details that clients want designers to highlight in their respective webpage designs.

The complex designing process takes into strong consideration the purpose on which website owners want their pages to be built. From then on, a web designer takes a closer look at content materials clients have provided and, one by one, tailors it to a product that could best attain the goals set forth by the client. This may involve pairing text with a corresponding set of images or charts, and could even necessitate the editorial license to eliminate parts of certain materials to attain consistency and simplicity.

Processing large amounts of content certainly takes time but, if done with due diligence, it can result in an efficiently designed website that continuously reels customers in and attracts the interest of the general public. This makes it more important for website owners to pay close attention to the designing process to ensure that no text or graphic content is misrepresented or alienated.

Many experienced web designers and online solutions companies in Perth have long been providing website design support to Australian businesses and interested individuals. They carry under their belt a history of effectively processing text and graphic content that results in website designs that greatly satisfy customer requirements.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Rookie App Development Mistakes

Posted by Unknown On 7/22/2014
With a multitude of mobile devices that do many of the things standard desktops perform, without the extra heft, mobile computing is looking a lot more like the way of the future.
Coinciding with this development, more and more people are also using mobile apps instead of standard software applications. These bite-sized programs can be launched with the tap of a finger, and can even be used by companies to make client transactions easier. If you plan on developing an app for your business, though, be sure to avoid these rookie mistakes:
Design as You Go
Be sure to finalize the app design before proceeding to the programming phase. When you don’t have a blueprint in hand, it’s easy to lose sight of your original vision, causing you to add features that might not really be necessary.

Too Many Features
Speaking of features, note that a mobile app does not have to be the software equivalent of a Swiss knife. Carefully pick which functionalities your app will possess; including too many makes for a cluttered and confusing user experience.

Screen Size
Many people have one or more mobile devices with varying screen sizes. As such, program your app to display properly across devices big and small. If you need help with the development process, don’t hesitate to contact trusted app developers in Perth.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

How to Raise People’s Awareness of your Brand

Posted by Unknown On 7/15/2014
A brand is what people feel about your product or service. It usually stirs up memories, stories and relationships that your consumers associate with you. Brands can be tricky, but if you use it to your benefit, you can definitely be distinguished from a sea of other brands in the market.

What are some ways you can do to differentiate yourself from the others? Read on how:

Take advantage of the World Wide Web.
Since most people are online nowadays, it’s essential that you have an effective website for all your consumers’ needs. Hire experts who can design an effective website for you, as well as smart search engine optimization specialists to make sure your website maintains a high ranking in web searches. Establish connections with thought leaders so they can talk about you to their readers.

Develop useful articles for your consumers.
Most people are looking for solutions online so make sure to publish helpful information to help them find the answers for their queries. Sharing press releases, company updates and promotions can also aid in fostering brand presence online and encourage interest to your website visitors.

Create a strong social media presence.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites have become crucial tools in developing brand awareness because they make your brand accessible to your consumers. People are more likely to engage your brand when they feel like you understand them. Share links and articles that they care about to capture their interest and attention.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Luckily, you can opt to get responsive website design in Perth. Responsive web design automatically allows your website to match the specifications of the device used to access your site. This means no longer having to wait an eternity for a page to load. Pinching the screen to make words legible is also unnecessary.

The features of responsive web design are meant to reduce user inconvenience. This guarantees that your website keeps customers glued to the screen instead of leaving your website in a fit of impatience. Naturally, the convenience your new website provides also guarantees repeated usage in the future.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Instead of trying to sell things outright all the time, why not create an app that functions as a loyalty program? Your customers can collect loyalty points based on how often they use the app, how much they spend on your products over the course of the month, etc. Not only does this feature help retain customers, it also helps the environment by eliminating the need for paper coupons.

Experts have found that the number of smartphone users is increasing exponentially throughout the world. Make sure that you tap into that deep market by having a creative team of Perth app developers like Viper Online design an app for your business.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Sometimes, quality posts will work if there’s something worth looking at that complements it. When uploading an image, change the title from the stock filename to a filename that syncs well with the post. If you got the image from another site, give due credit in the captions.

If you’re gearing your blog to be a professional site, a SEO company from Perth like Viper Online will be your way to go. When tweaked right, more people are bound to stick around for your latest post.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Cultivating a fan base for your website requires writing good content about yourself and your interests; one-liners regarding being an up-and-coming act in the “About Us” section will not hack it. Consult a web designer in Perth about opening a blog for your materials, such as, say, your thoughts in making your music. Creating relevant, keyword-optimized content– such as your bio– can help inspire more interest in your sound. Furthermore, if your act is a band, be sure each member is profiled.

If your music excites fans and attracts new ones, your website must take advantage with an online store. You can tweak the page to have options for your albums, site-exclusive tracks, and other merchandise.
With the gradual proliferation of touchscreen smartphones starting in the late 2000s, more and more users are now browsing the Web on their mobile devices instead of desktop computers, necessitating a shift towards designing web pages to have readily available mobile versions. This has been dubbed by some observers as the emergence of Web 3.0, which is rooted in mobile accessibility.

Mobile-friendly features entail compressing a web page to dimensions compatible with mobile devices without losing any valuable data. This is a considerable technical challenge: for instance, the typical social networking site page displays information such as (but not limited to) images, latest postings, event updates, links to other pages, log in/out buttons, and personal information.

Aside from the accessibility of information, designers need to take into account the touchscreen functions as well as the differences among a wide variety of mobile devices and browsing software. Designers also have to guarantee proper coding so that the website does not cause any unwanted events, such as crashing browsers or devices.

The web designers’ task in the Web 3.0 era is to ensure that their clients’ pages are accessible to visitors anytime, anywhere, using any device. For those who do not want to get left behind, this is one bandwagon they wouldn’t want to miss.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

"Overall Size The key feature of a mobile website is it should cater to users “on-the-go”. This means potential customers don’t have time to waste waiting for your website to load. In fact, most users will immediately give up on a website if it hasn’t fully loaded within a few seconds. Having a professional Perth website design company create a mobile-friendly website for you is ideal because the site will be significantly smaller in size. This means faster loading time, preventing your potential customers from checking out your competitors. At the same time, the website allows potential customers to navigate your site quickly and efficiently, which could lead to more conversions."

Friday, 4 July 2014

"What OS should I develop for? The market for mobile devices is split among Android, iOS, and Windows. Each OS has a distinct interface, which means you cannot simply import the same design across the board. Doing so will only create a sense of awkwardness, that it doesn’t belong. It can be difficult to choose which OS to develop for, especially if there is only enough space for one OS in your development budget. Consulting an app developer in Perth like Viper Online can help you make an informed decision."

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

"Human Elements While the content should be professionally-written, it must have elements that tug at the reader’s interests. Some market research works in this matter, especially if part of your product line or service set is aimed at addressing issues in a demographic. A batch of accurate content pieces can show a positive side of your business. A SEO company in Perth like Viper Online will optimise them to better rank the website in SERPs."

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