Saturday, 20 December 2014

Perth SEO: A Paradigm Shift

Posted by Unknown On 12/20/2014
Andrew Edwards' article "Is SEO Dead?" on ClickZ discusses the dilemma of prioritising unique content over using legitimate SEO tactics. With information growing in necessity, there's a lot to be said, not probably about the supposed "death" of SEO, but about a major paradigm shift. It's the 8th most read article on ClickZ of 2014.

Forget white hat and black hat. Can SEO today still be called SEO?

Gone are the days when websites would simply stuff their pages with keywords in a bid to clinch top search engine rankings. Gone are the times when content can simply be spun to provide more content on multiple websites. Those practices are frowned upon now, but how different are today’s practices? What about link building and keyword research, among others?

If a website benefits from expert keyword research and link building, should it rank higher than a website that contains instructions on how to build a bookshelf? Google neither supports nor protests the need to hire SEO services; all it cares is that the user gets what it wants. If a person wants to look for a manual on building a bookshelf, he should be able to get that information.

The nature of SEO has changed multiple times. Back then, SEO was all about keyword stuffing; today, it's all about quality content. Pitting SEO against content is a grossly inaccurate portrayal of how online marketing works.

In short, content is the name of the game in SEO. 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Does Your Business Need an App?

Posted by Unknown On 12/01/2014
These days, just about everyone owns a smart device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or phablet. Of course, the heart and soul of these gadgets are the apps they contain, which offer a myriad of handy functions. Need a virtual ruler? There’s an app for that!  Need to know how many calories you’ve consumed today? There’s an app for that, too!

Indeed, apps are so popular that even businesses are developing these bite-sized software for their clients’ benefit. So the big question is: should you jump onto this bandwagon, too? To help you answer that question, here are three considerations to mull over:

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Information is literally a fingertip away because of mobile apps. And, given the current condition between web browsing and mobile apps, it seems that for many companies, any marketing push for web browsers should also be complemented by dynamic programming for mobile users. To lay down the appropriate programming foundation right the first time, it’s best to seek help from reputable app developers in Perth with the experience and skill to create interactive and engaging mobile apps. Web browsing technology may need some catching up, but, in the meantime, it’s here to stay. Currently, with easier software development kits existing for programmers of mobile apps, mobile technology is forging ahead, providing busy days for any accomplished iPhone app developer in Perth.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Proper search engine optimisation for Perth websites starts from the ground up. Blunders in web design and marketing can lower a company’s search engine ranking, and once its website is up and running, it could take a complete overhaul of the webpages to start drawing traffic to the site once again. This is why you’ll need to get it right the first time around—a task dependable Perth SEO services, such as Viperonline, should be able to do professionally. The first key is search engine optimisation, which utilises the strategic use of keywords.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Game Marketing: How to Market an Indie Game

Posted by Unknown On 11/27/2014
Indie game developers are always just one big break away from garnering a strong following. A common mistake that developers tend to unknowingly commit, however, is to poorly prepare for their marketing, if at all. Unfortunately, games can’t market themselves, no matter how good it may be. It would do indie game developers well, therefore, to take the time to strategise how they will be presenting their product to the market.

Monday, 10 November 2014

There is more to online marketing than just using a website. Businesses might want to consider using other platforms, such as social media, to approach their customers in dynamic and innovative ways. Social media networks, for instance, are extremely popular, and can facilitate the fast sharing of information among users and their peers. While social media is a powerful vehicle for distributing facts and marketing content, businesses cannot just outright dump too much stuff on their profiles—excessive amounts of information can turn away those just looking for a quick and simple answer. Businesses that have trouble utilising the subtleties of social media marketing can try approaching an experienced SEO company in Perth for help.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Designed for casual gamers of all ages, Viper Online’s three new games offer a simple gaming experience that’s easy to pick up and learn. The team favoured clean graphics and bright colours to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. In Fruit & Veg, a match puzzle game, a player’s speed and ability to recognize given fruits and vegetables is challenged. Fantastic as a tool for teaching children the names of different healthy treats, or as an idle pastime for kids and kids at heart, the game asks players to find as many instances of a given fruit or vegetable among a group of others as quickly as possible.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Mobile Marketing and your Business

Posted by Unknown On 10/20/2014
It has happened: the mobile revolution has swiftly incorporated itself to essentially every aspect of modern man’s daily life. For business owners, this simply means a new way to reach out to customers and get more online leads than ever before. So if you’re planning your online marketing campaign, make sure that it includes mobile services.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

We’ve already designed countless stunning websites and developed many useful business apps. We have also created several popular and entertaining games. However, this doesn’t mean that Viper Online Marketing is content to rest on its laurels. In fact, we’ve recently expanded our successful Perth SEO services to enhance our arsenal of complete online marketing solutions for our clients. As all business owners know, being seen is the first step in landing a sale. However, it’s not only on the street where you need to establish your presence, especially now that more and more people use the Internet to look for local businesses; a strong online presence becomes an absolute must in todays mobile world. While having a website can help achieve this goal, it is far from sufficient if a business wants to achieve industry dominance. After all, how can people find a company if its site is buried deep within Google’s search results?

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Common SEO Misconceptions

Posted by Unknown On 10/05/2014
Search engine optimisation (SEO) has been around for a while, and the regular updates or guidelines for it from the major search engines leave a lot of people scrambling to understand the new algorithms. Here’s how the new guidelines have modified the key players in SEO.
It’s all about keywords and links – Keywords and links play massive roles in a successful SEO campaign, but they’re useless on their own. Every aspect of website marketing from site optimisation for mobile, to the popularity of content, will heavily influence a website’s search page ranking.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Since iPhone customers have more complex access capabilities, an iPhone app developer in Perth can assist you in creating programs accessible through iOS devices. Depending on the functions you plan to integrate, you may have the app accessible through App Store as a pay-to-download or free item. You may opt to set up a link on your mobile website leading to the App Store page, too. When app development is given ample thought, with the help of skilled mobile app developers like Viper Online, it becomes an effective business marketing tool.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Tips for Aspiring App Developers

Posted by Unknown On 9/24/2014
With many of the world’s consumers migrating online, as well as using their mobile phones for different aspects of their lives such as in maintaining social connections, transacting business, and getting information, app developers are quickly becoming in-demand as the new breed of digital inventors. The field boasts of brilliant success stories that can seem daunting for those who wish to enter it, but here are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering this career.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Search engines have come a long way since their introduction to the Internet. Back in the mid-‘90s, web designers and web developers were starting to realize that the Internet had the potential to become a go-to hub for any and all sorts of information. Embedding keywords within a website’s HTML code has become standard practice for all websites to make them visible for the user. However, not all websites actually give useful information for the user, and as such, search engines needed to be something more than just a tool that presents websites with the most number of hits.

Today’s search engines are more complex compared to their predecessors. Searched websites are acquired by way of certain algorithms that check any website that has the inputted keywords within its HTML code and displays the results for the user. Each search engine employs a unique algorithm that can fish out sites bearing the relevant keyword. The same algorithms also have the capacity to discern which websites are using unscrupulous means that deceive search engines in order to get higher rankings in search results even though they do not have useful or relevant information for the user.

Discerning relevant data is paramount in today’s world where information is readily available with the press of a button. Having search engines that can detect whether or not a site has reliable information is a huge help in ensuring that everyone has their facts straight.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Website Design Trends to Watch Out For

Posted by Unknown On 8/27/2014
For a business with an online presence, website design directly impacts how customers recognise the brand. Your website serves as your company’s Internet showroom, so you have to present your products or services competitively. By adjusting to the dynamic and modern changes in web design and SEO, you can create a strong, positive impact on your customers online.

Here are website design trends to watch out for, if you want to keep up:

Mobile Responsiveness is Everything

In every industry news or magazine you come across, you’ll find that making a mobile responsive web design is a necessity, rather than a luxury. A majority of customers browse the Internet using their smartphones and tablets, which means that your website has to adapt to smaller screens (and probably different dimensions) to drive traffic.

Making Navigation Easy-Breezy

Fixed navigation, or pinning the navigation bar on the top of whatever website page your customer goes into, makes browsing convenient for your users. Wherever they click or however far they scroll, they can go back to the key pages of your site, which can improve retention and conversion rates.

Maximising Digital Elements

High-resolution images, videos, icons, typography, and other digital elements enhance the user’s viewing experience. These website components must be chosen based on their appeal to your target market and structured in an organised layout.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Useful App Ideas for Grocery Stores

Posted by Unknown On 8/19/2014
Australia’s population may be 13 times smaller than that of the U.S., but it actually has more supermarkets per capita than America. That’s definitely something even Uncle Sam will be awed by.

Needless to say, groceries and supermarkets are a big business in the land down under, with revenues forecasted at $87 billion between 2013 and 2014. With a seemingly countless swarm of competitors, though, how can grocery owners hope to get a slice of this lucrative pie?

One way of doing so is by launching mobile apps that will make your customers’ lives easier. Below are two app ideas that are sure to net you more shoppers:

Ordering App
Most people see grocery shopping as a chore. So why not remove the tedium by allowing them to order groceries directly from a mobile app? They can just log in to the app, browse through your virtual shelves, and have the goods delivered to their doorsteps.

Grocery List
Grocery lists are useful because: (1) they allow people to finish shopping quickly; and (2) they keep shoppers from going over budget. A great idea is to develop your store’s own grocery list app, complete with price listings. That way, when customers use it to list items, they will get a running total of their bill as well.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

3 Things that Affect SEO You Probably Didn't Know

Posted by Unknown On 8/12/2014
SEO is an effective way to raise the rank of a web page organically. However, the success of SEO is not solely determined by link building and keyword research. These three factors also play a large role in the success of SEO:

Website Speed

When Google experimented with 30 search results per page for several queries, traffic dipped by 20 percent on those pages. The reason? The pages loaded slower!

Online users are used to the instant gratification the Internet brings them, so make sure you give them that same user experience. Slow-to-load websites see high bounce rates. This results in a drop in ranking because search engines interpret this as your site being irrelevant to the searched keywords.

Mobile-Supported Browsing

Mobile devices are overtaking desktop computers as the device of choice for Internet access. As such, your website needs to be accessible on mobile phones; if not, loading speed bogs down.

You can resolve any speed issues by auditing your site via Webmaster Tools and Google Labs, particularly Page Speed Online. After crawling through your site, these features will suggest measures to effectively lower the time it takes for your site to load.

Update Frequency

Google is all about providing informative, high-quality, and up-to-date information to their users. This is why you’re encouraged to fill up your blog as often as possible. The more relevant entries you post on your blog, the more likely search engines will recommend your site to their users.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

"People these days live in a multiplatform world. They read the morning news on a tablet, check the sport scores on their smartphones, type out emails on their PCs, and watch online videos using their laptops. If you happen to be a business owner, having a standard website just won’t cut it anymore—not if you want to get the attention of the so-called “second screen” generation. That’s why Viper Online Marketing, as one of the leading Perth website design firm, has decided to go all-in on multiplatform web development. Multiplatform development, otherwise known as responsive design, is a design philosophy wherein websites automatically adjust themselves according to the device being used. For example, a landscape photo on a PC site might be rendered as a square-cropped picture on a smartphone due to its smaller screen size. Moving forward, all websites we design for clients will exhibit this intelligent ability to conform to any and all screens regardless of dimensions."

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

More Web Manoeuvre Room with a Mobile Device

Posted by Unknown On 8/05/2014
The great thing about surfing the Internet these days is being able to do it while on the go. For example, a person may be using Google Glass to find the best route to a place across town, while another is using their smartphone to shop online while aboard a bus.
Whatever the purpose, being able to surf the Net on a small screen and do it with ease is something you can be thankful for. You need Perth web designers to help you take advantage of it as a business owner through some handy pointers.
Little Brother, Big Brother
If you have a website and tried to access it through a mobile device, you will understand the difficulty in zooming the screen in or out. This problem can be solved by developing a mobile-friendly version of the website that runs well on iOS or Android platforms. A test of sample sites on select units with those two operating systems can point potential kinks and makes sure the final version is glitch-free.
Easy to tap
Mobile websites are fun to explore if the link buttons do not detract from the experience. To achieve this end, some developers recommend creating touch targets that are measured 40 pixels by 40px, with ten-pixel margins. The font size must be around 14px.
Remember, a well-engineered mobile site can do wonders for your business. Make it happen for your customers.

Monday, 4 August 2014

"This August, Viper Online will make things easier for you if you are dead-set on receiving our excellent service packages. From August 1 to August 31, we will give you a 70% discount on a Brand Booster package when you buy our 12 Advance Keyword SEO package. From the original price of $1,100, you get to enjoy Brand Booster services for only $330—a savings of $770! The offer is open only to the FIRST FIVE customers who will purchase the Perth SEO package so now isn’t the time to hesitate. Our Brand Booster package comprises five blog posts and a special video about your company. The posts allow you to share the best points about your business while the video helps showcase your product or service in a more creative manner."

Saturday, 2 August 2014

"The Australian Communications and Media Authority discovered that the number of mobile internet users in the country has increased by 33 percent since June 2012. This is despite the fact that mobile services in Australia only grew by three percent from 2012 to 2013, which means that more people are using their mobiles to browse the Internet rather than make calls. In addition, a growing number of people (about 52 percent) say that the quality of an SME’s mobile website influences their decision to do business with the company in question. Consequently, businesses need the services of a web developer from Perth who can build mobile-friendly versions of their websites. Indeed, some internet marketing and web design firms are already experimenting with what is known as ‘responsive web design’ to address this emerging need. Such a technology ensures that a website is automatically optimized on every web browser or device where it is accessed."

Thursday, 31 July 2014

"Designed for both iPhone and iPad, Cute Little Pet Roundup Adventure – Find and Save Lost Pets offers some cool game features. Players are going to dig the ultra-cool design the Perth iPhone app developers used, like the amazing graphics, groovy original songs, and sound effects whenever players bust a move in style. Players can also choose among five backgrounds where they want to play: The City, The Backyard, The Living Room, The Park, and The Vet Clinic. Developers also note that gamers of all ages can appreciate the three modes of gameplay the app features. The Levels mode is best for players who want to test their skills and become the best."

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Web Design: Processing Text and Graphic Content

Posted by Unknown On 7/29/2014
Processing text and graphic content is an important part in the holistic website design process as this sets the scope and limitations, goals, and other important details that clients want designers to highlight in their respective webpage designs.

The complex designing process takes into strong consideration the purpose on which website owners want their pages to be built. From then on, a web designer takes a closer look at content materials clients have provided and, one by one, tailors it to a product that could best attain the goals set forth by the client. This may involve pairing text with a corresponding set of images or charts, and could even necessitate the editorial license to eliminate parts of certain materials to attain consistency and simplicity.

Processing large amounts of content certainly takes time but, if done with due diligence, it can result in an efficiently designed website that continuously reels customers in and attracts the interest of the general public. This makes it more important for website owners to pay close attention to the designing process to ensure that no text or graphic content is misrepresented or alienated.

Many experienced web designers and online solutions companies in Perth have long been providing website design support to Australian businesses and interested individuals. They carry under their belt a history of effectively processing text and graphic content that results in website designs that greatly satisfy customer requirements.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Rookie App Development Mistakes

Posted by Unknown On 7/22/2014
With a multitude of mobile devices that do many of the things standard desktops perform, without the extra heft, mobile computing is looking a lot more like the way of the future.
Coinciding with this development, more and more people are also using mobile apps instead of standard software applications. These bite-sized programs can be launched with the tap of a finger, and can even be used by companies to make client transactions easier. If you plan on developing an app for your business, though, be sure to avoid these rookie mistakes:
Design as You Go
Be sure to finalize the app design before proceeding to the programming phase. When you don’t have a blueprint in hand, it’s easy to lose sight of your original vision, causing you to add features that might not really be necessary.

Too Many Features
Speaking of features, note that a mobile app does not have to be the software equivalent of a Swiss knife. Carefully pick which functionalities your app will possess; including too many makes for a cluttered and confusing user experience.

Screen Size
Many people have one or more mobile devices with varying screen sizes. As such, program your app to display properly across devices big and small. If you need help with the development process, don’t hesitate to contact trusted app developers in Perth.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

How to Raise People’s Awareness of your Brand

Posted by Unknown On 7/15/2014
A brand is what people feel about your product or service. It usually stirs up memories, stories and relationships that your consumers associate with you. Brands can be tricky, but if you use it to your benefit, you can definitely be distinguished from a sea of other brands in the market.

What are some ways you can do to differentiate yourself from the others? Read on how:

Take advantage of the World Wide Web.
Since most people are online nowadays, it’s essential that you have an effective website for all your consumers’ needs. Hire experts who can design an effective website for you, as well as smart search engine optimization specialists to make sure your website maintains a high ranking in web searches. Establish connections with thought leaders so they can talk about you to their readers.

Develop useful articles for your consumers.
Most people are looking for solutions online so make sure to publish helpful information to help them find the answers for their queries. Sharing press releases, company updates and promotions can also aid in fostering brand presence online and encourage interest to your website visitors.

Create a strong social media presence.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites have become crucial tools in developing brand awareness because they make your brand accessible to your consumers. People are more likely to engage your brand when they feel like you understand them. Share links and articles that they care about to capture their interest and attention.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Luckily, you can opt to get responsive website design in Perth. Responsive web design automatically allows your website to match the specifications of the device used to access your site. This means no longer having to wait an eternity for a page to load. Pinching the screen to make words legible is also unnecessary.

The features of responsive web design are meant to reduce user inconvenience. This guarantees that your website keeps customers glued to the screen instead of leaving your website in a fit of impatience. Naturally, the convenience your new website provides also guarantees repeated usage in the future.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Instead of trying to sell things outright all the time, why not create an app that functions as a loyalty program? Your customers can collect loyalty points based on how often they use the app, how much they spend on your products over the course of the month, etc. Not only does this feature help retain customers, it also helps the environment by eliminating the need for paper coupons.

Experts have found that the number of smartphone users is increasing exponentially throughout the world. Make sure that you tap into that deep market by having a creative team of Perth app developers like Viper Online design an app for your business.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Sometimes, quality posts will work if there’s something worth looking at that complements it. When uploading an image, change the title from the stock filename to a filename that syncs well with the post. If you got the image from another site, give due credit in the captions.

If you’re gearing your blog to be a professional site, a SEO company from Perth like Viper Online will be your way to go. When tweaked right, more people are bound to stick around for your latest post.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Cultivating a fan base for your website requires writing good content about yourself and your interests; one-liners regarding being an up-and-coming act in the “About Us” section will not hack it. Consult a web designer in Perth about opening a blog for your materials, such as, say, your thoughts in making your music. Creating relevant, keyword-optimized content– such as your bio– can help inspire more interest in your sound. Furthermore, if your act is a band, be sure each member is profiled.

If your music excites fans and attracts new ones, your website must take advantage with an online store. You can tweak the page to have options for your albums, site-exclusive tracks, and other merchandise.
With the gradual proliferation of touchscreen smartphones starting in the late 2000s, more and more users are now browsing the Web on their mobile devices instead of desktop computers, necessitating a shift towards designing web pages to have readily available mobile versions. This has been dubbed by some observers as the emergence of Web 3.0, which is rooted in mobile accessibility.

Mobile-friendly features entail compressing a web page to dimensions compatible with mobile devices without losing any valuable data. This is a considerable technical challenge: for instance, the typical social networking site page displays information such as (but not limited to) images, latest postings, event updates, links to other pages, log in/out buttons, and personal information.

Aside from the accessibility of information, designers need to take into account the touchscreen functions as well as the differences among a wide variety of mobile devices and browsing software. Designers also have to guarantee proper coding so that the website does not cause any unwanted events, such as crashing browsers or devices.

The web designers’ task in the Web 3.0 era is to ensure that their clients’ pages are accessible to visitors anytime, anywhere, using any device. For those who do not want to get left behind, this is one bandwagon they wouldn’t want to miss.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

"Overall Size The key feature of a mobile website is it should cater to users “on-the-go”. This means potential customers don’t have time to waste waiting for your website to load. In fact, most users will immediately give up on a website if it hasn’t fully loaded within a few seconds. Having a professional Perth website design company create a mobile-friendly website for you is ideal because the site will be significantly smaller in size. This means faster loading time, preventing your potential customers from checking out your competitors. At the same time, the website allows potential customers to navigate your site quickly and efficiently, which could lead to more conversions."

Friday, 4 July 2014

"What OS should I develop for? The market for mobile devices is split among Android, iOS, and Windows. Each OS has a distinct interface, which means you cannot simply import the same design across the board. Doing so will only create a sense of awkwardness, that it doesn’t belong. It can be difficult to choose which OS to develop for, especially if there is only enough space for one OS in your development budget. Consulting an app developer in Perth like Viper Online can help you make an informed decision."

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

"Human Elements While the content should be professionally-written, it must have elements that tug at the reader’s interests. Some market research works in this matter, especially if part of your product line or service set is aimed at addressing issues in a demographic. A batch of accurate content pieces can show a positive side of your business. A SEO company in Perth like Viper Online will optimise them to better rank the website in SERPs."

Monday, 30 June 2014

"You may review The Iconic’s website to analyse which design cues might work for you, whether on a PC or on a mobile device. You may then experiment on such designs with a web designer. The Iconic’s main page, for example, already has linked images and drop-down menus for women’s and men’s clothing sections. Going down the page reveals a second set of images with links to feature articles or promos. Another thing you can take up with a web designer in Perth that you’d want to work with is the flexibility in mobile device viewing. Some experts state that if you’re accessing a site from say, an Android platform, the functionalities there must work as well in an iOS platform. Phillips notes the tweets of a customer who lamented that the site crashed on him a number of times."

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Optimised Web Design Leads To High Google Ranking

Posted by Unknown On 6/24/2014
John Mueller, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, has said that Google currently doesn’t differentiate between sites that are optimised for mobile devices and those that are not. But he also said that there are indirect effects for having sites optimised for mobile users, such as smartphone users “liking” the responsive site and recommending it to others.
However indirect the effect, optimisation is still the main reason why businesses and marketing firms have taken responsive design by heart. Optimised websites assure these businesses of higher possibility of increased visits, especially from smartphone and tablet users. Increased traffic can lead to higher ranking, as more and more people visit the site and click on the information, sending the message to the search engines of the site’s reliability with its content.

Through Google Analytics, companies are able to know the kind of mobile devices consumers are using to browse their respective webpages. Because more people are relying on their smartphones and tablets, businesses and web designers are tapping newer techniques to optimise their sites for mobile users.

Optimised websites consider the amount of time needed for pages to load to be able to sustain the views, clicks, and traffic needed to boost their Google, or other search engine rankings. But as smartphones are the clever gadgets of the day, optimisation of content on these smart mobiles is still the best way to go to step up a business’ site’s ranking. 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Why Should Your Business Have a Mobile App?

Posted by Unknown On 6/17/2014
Everywhere you go, you see them—people tapping away at their smartphones and tablets. Indeed, what was once a pipe dream is now a reality: computers that fit in the palm of your hands, giving you access to information anytime, anywhere.
A huge part of smartphones’ and tablets’ convenience are apps, bite-sized applications that people launch with a tap of the finger. According to the Google Think Country data sheet, more than 70% of Australians use apps on a daily basis. With such a large audience, it’s not surprising that many businesses have launched their own mobile apps. Doing so offers many important benefits, such as:
It’s Faster
Online users are not a patient bunch, which is why mobile apps are such a boon. With apps, information is stored within the application, so you don’t have to download them as you would when visiting a business’ website.

Branding, Branding, Branding
Aside from their convenience, apps are also useful for branding purposes. Think of it this way: if people are on their smartphones all the time, wouldn’t you want visibility on their device via an app?

Easier to Use

Experienced app developers custom-tailor mobile apps for maximum usability on tablets and smartphones. Whether a consumer wants to browse through your products or make a purchase, all they have to do is pinch, flick and swipe to accomplish this.

Monday, 9 June 2014

What to Ask SEO Experts before Hiring Them

Posted by Unknown On 6/09/2014
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the ways to make more people aware of your business and your brand online. When people search for content online, the search results often leads them to what they’re looking for. If companies want to direct more consumers to their site, they hire SEO experts to design their websites so that the major search engines are able to propel them to the top of the search engine page.

How do you find the right one? Here are question to ask them:

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

2014 is expected to see more signs of web evolution triggered by changes in Google’s search engine algorithms, roll out of HTML5, and the continuing popularity of mobile devices.

One of the innovations that has taken the Perth website design community by storm is the popular use of single-page websites. Tim Boylen has made a compelling observation on his website Boylen as to why single-page design is here to stay:

Monday, 2 June 2014

Typical Personas of Ecommerce Site Users

Posted by Unknown On 6/02/2014
As with real-world commerce, understanding your customers and their preferences is a key ingredient to success in the ecommerce industry. With an understanding of the buying behaviour patterns of different customers, web designers possess the insights they need to create strategies to attract new customers, as well as returning ones, and convert them into loyal, paying customers.
Ecommerce site users typically fit into one of several online personas, which include:

Sunday, 1 June 2014

According to the Australian Network on Disability, there are over 4 million Australians with a disability. Currently, there are 357,000 people with low vision, while 1 in 6 persons are affected by hearing problems.

These figures should push more companies to seek the assistance of Perth app developers, like those from Viper Online, to create mobile programs that cater to these people’s needs. Users can then interact with objects in the app to drive the interface even if they can’t see or hear it.

Friday, 30 May 2014

The same qualities of good SEO cited here aren’t just what search engines are looking for now, in fact, they have been telling marketers the same thing for years.

The evolution of search engine algorithms will undoubtedly continue, and the same standards of good SEO that have existed for years will likely persist well into the future. Thus, when working with a trusted company like Viper Online on strategies for search engine optimisation in Perth, perhaps it would be best to follow SEO and marketing expert Purna Virji’s advice on Search Engine Watch and make good Perth SEO practices your only mantra.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

For many experienced Perth web designers, nothing quite compares in complexity and difficulty to launching a new website. Like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube, it’s rarely ever straightforward, and the process, if not tamed, can leave design teams overwhelmed. Despite the mess, however, it’s an event many web designers live for, and one they eventually learn to control.

Navigating the complex maze that is the new website launch requires plenty of preparation, a knack for organisation, and a mind to avoid getting carried away in all the excitement of it. The latter was discussed in a recent article on Search Engine Watch.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Most Common Website Design Faux Pas

Posted by Unknown On 5/19/2014
According to estimates, about two billion people have access to the World Wide Web. So for business owners, it really pays to have a website in order to tap this vast audience. In today’s Internet-saturated times, a business without a website is like a shop without a sign.
With that said, putting up a website for the sake doing so is never a good idea. Web surfers have become more sophisticated now and they’ll leave your site quickly if it isn’t well-designed. To create an engaging and high-traffic website, be sure to avoid these web design faux pas:

Design First, Content Later

Visual appeal is a hallmark of good website design, but it should not be the star of the show. Remember, people visit your website for its content, so don’t make the mistake of creating the design first then shoehorning the content later.

Ads, Ads, More Ads

Nothing drives visitors away faster than a barrage of intrusive advertisements. While you can certainly display ads on your site to monetise it, be sure to implement them in a tasteful, discreet manner.

How Do I Contact You Again?

So you’ve managed to attract viewers to your site? Then you’re that much closer generating leads! If your “Contact Us” page is buried deep within your website though, prospective clients won’t be able to do business with you.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Ever Growing Importance of Mobile Apps

Posted by Unknown On 5/13/2014
Australia's digital economy is on the rise, as the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) reveals in a 2012-2013 study. Mobile usage is steadily increasing, and with it, ease in mobile access to accommodate the continuously evolving needs of Australian consumers. In addition, the prevalence of smartphones, up by 29% from May 2012, makes mobile applications more beneficial for most businesses.

 Mobile apps, as they're usually called, often offer information that consumers want on demand. Users may want to learn more details about a brand's specific product, or get helpful tips to aid them in their everyday lives. Some may even want to discuss a product’s or service's attributes, and share what they know with other users. Others may like to browse through special deals and promotions when shopping for what they need.

When users find apps that relate to their needs and desires, more often than not, they become loyal to the brand, and feel that the brand understands them more than any other. Though app developers can make programs that focus on games and entertainment, brand managers should understand that apps need to be specially designed to be an effective part of their mobile marketing strategy. A fancy app cannot help the brand without the proper integration of all the elements needed to enhance users’ experience. Those who understand this concept can do what is necessary to win the mobile marketing race.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

In the battle for better exposure on the Internet, website owners sometimes resort to the tactic of using large volumes of low-value content simply to bolster the amount of content they have on their site and create a bigger “net” with which to catch readers. As Google has explained time and time again, however, this is a tactic that could result in unwanted webspam penalties.

To help its users find exactly what they’re looking for, Google employs complex algorithms to discern how authoritative a specific site is. This is an issue of reputation rather than popularity.

As the head of webspam team at Google, Matt Cutts, explains, pornographic sites are by far some of the most popular sites on the Internet, but most people don’t link to them. As a result, they get outranked by sites like the information page on a government website, for example, which lots of other sites might link to even if people don’t visit them as often.

Cutts’ example provides great insight into a pattern website owners can follow to improve their organic SEO results. It involves creating the type of content people would naturally feel compelled to link to.

Of course, creating that kind of content takes time, but like the humble government website information page, as long as it continues to build a positive reputation of your site on the web, it will continue to hold value in Google’s eyes and increase your ranking on their search engine.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Web Designers: Allies of Start Up Businesses

Posted by Unknown On 5/01/2014
Technology has gone a long way over the last couple of decades and its advancements have undeniably made an impact as to how businesses are conducted. If in the past, companies relied solely on how they package their products, today, it's the company website and how they look that matters, as far as attracting prospective customers go. Start-up businesses can easily put up their own website, but the question is, will they be able to do it the right way?

A little help from qualified web designers is something entrepreneurs and small business owners should consider, for a good number of reasons. First, hiring a web designer will save you a lot of time, and eventually, a lot of money. These people have the knowledge and expertise to create designs that are compatible to your company's identity. Moreover, they are also aware of the latest trends that affect online marketing as a whole.

Web designers can be one of your best allies—as long as you pick the ones who are not only capable of executing the right battle plan, but also willing to listen to what you have to say. Regardless of how good and how creative they may be, at the end of the day, it is your company and your brand's vision that should be followed, and a trusted web designer can do that for you and more.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Why Responsive Website Design is the Way to Go

Posted by Unknown On 4/18/2014
These days, you can see a lot of people playing around with their smartphones and tablets on the street. These tech-loving individuals aren’t just playing the latest popular game or watching the latest episode of their favourite TV show, because most are actually surfing the Internet on the little screens of their mobile devices. This is where responsive website design comes in.

Responsive web design is what web designers call having a website designed to handle multiple screen and platform sizes. Essentially, it means your website would still be able to look good whether the visitor is using a desktop-sized monitor or a five-inch smartphone screen. It sounds like a lot of work and it is, but there are some solid benefits to creating a site viewable across several devices and platforms.

First of all, it simplifies things. Some websites have separate mobile versions that act as the “mini version” of the original, but keeping it updated to reflect the main site doubles the work. Better to have a single consolidated page that works for several platforms. Second, it gives your business a wider reach. A more accessible website lets you have more visitors. More visitors mean more potential customers, which is definitely good for business.

The initial payout to create a responsive website can be a considerable investment, but it will soon pay for itself. With people moving to a multi-device existence, making your website accessible from anywhere and any device is a profitable idea.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

How iPhone Apps are Developed

Posted by Unknown On 4/13/2014
Ever wondered how those fun, useful, and sometimes cheeky mobile applications are created? Developers all over the world are churning out hundreds of apps virtually every day, and one might wonder how it is done. Fortunately for you, here’s a generalized and simplified rundown of the process:
Step One: task assessment. Commercially affiliated developers are usually given a design brief to serve as their main guide, including a technical summary of what the app should do and how it should function. This is the developer’s “homework stage”, where countless hours of research is required.
Step Two: competitor analysis/inspiration search. Developers carefully observe the market where they’ll put the app. Chances are, there are hundreds, or even thousands of competitors, and it is their job to make their project stand out. They either test out the competition to get ideas, and take note of the current leader’s strengths and weaknesses.
Step Three: development proper & testing. This is where the developer churns out the app’s first prototypes. Trial and error is critical to them at this point, as they usually work hand in hand with the client during this stage. This is where the app’s beta testing and initial release also occurs.

Step Four: Feedback gathering, editing, and finalization. The developer gathers user reviews, takes note of them and tweaks the app in the process. After fixing bugs and improving the interface, the app is finalized, and finally put up on the market. 

Monday, 7 April 2014

3 Timely Reasons Why Your Company Needs SEO

Posted by Unknown On 4/07/2014
Times are changing fast and companies that fail to keep in step with the latest changes and innovations will surely be left behind by the competition. In the complex world of advertising, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become one of the most powerful tools being used today.

In fact, companies that choose to stick solely on traditional methods tend to lag behind, especially in terms of maximising their profitability. If you’re a business owner, here are three good reasons to employ SEO in your marketing efforts:

  1. Lesser expenses – First reason to consider SEO is its cost-effectiveness. Compared to conventional counterparts like posting ads on billboards, newspapers, and magazines, SEO gives significant exposure without having to spend that much. You will be surprised how the rates differ, in favour of SEO.
  1. Quality, focused marketing – Next is that SEO provides a more focused approach as far as reaching your target market is concerned. Though many people can see your ads through traditional methods, majority of them are not really interested in your products and services; whereas in SEO, there is a bigger possibility that the people who view your ads and website really belong to your target market.

  1. Gets you on track – Lastly, SEO will get you on track, technologically-speaking. People are now doing business online, in terms of purchasing products and searching for various types of services, and getting optimised will win you more customers like never before.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Keys to an Efficient Mobile Website

Posted by Unknown On 4/03/2014
Mobile web marketing is the order of the day. In fact, it has always been since the rise of the smartphone. Unfortunately, many business owners still fail to grasp the importance of going mobile, but if you’re among those who see a mobile-friendly website as a chance to reach more potential clients, here are a few neat tricks you should know and apply on your mobile website:


Don’t overload your site with content. Always remember that while it might be counterintuitive on a financial standpoint, filling up every possible space with text or media isn’t a wise decision to make creativity-wise. In fact, even when it comes to desktop sites, pages heavy with text are often skipped. Keep content balanced with creative, eye-catching visuals instead.


If you are using a particular template (colour palette, text fonts, logos, etc.) for your desktop website, it should then make sense to incorporate the same styles into your mobile site. This will help your prospective customers recognize your brand more easily. Just make sure that in doing so, you aren’t sacrificing usability.


Unlike desktop sites which remain pretty much the same regardless of the type of computer your customers will be using, your mobile site should be compatible with most, if not all, of the operating systems (OS) for mobile devices available on the market.

Note that applying the tips above would be a breeze if you work with a skilled mobile web designer who has the right skills and knowledge.

Monday, 17 March 2014

The First Website Returns to the Web

Posted by Unknown On 3/17/2014
Today’s websites are a far cry from what they used to be more than 20 years ago. During an era when responsive web design, CSS, and vector graphics hadn’t yet come to the fore, the first websites were nothing more than lines of text. Some of them sported an iconic purple colour and underline, a hyperlink. Back then, images on a website were considered top-notch.

However, words aren’t enough to describe these early websites. To appreciate how the Internet has evolved over the decades, pick your favourite website and open it on one tab, then open the site created by Tim Berners-Lee himself ( You’ll be surprised at how far the World Wide Web has come today.

New technology was slowly introduced and integrated into web design; hyperlinks gave way to Flash and bitmap images were replaced by vector graphics. Nevertheless, the major shift in trends didn’t necessarily mean the basics have sunk into obscurity. Aspiring web designers start their lessons with basic HTML, which still has applications today.

It’s a fact of life that learning from the present helps us deal with the present. That’s why new website design technology, as with other inventions, are born out of necessity. CSS and other scripts may be a cut above HTML, but they must not forget why they were made in the first place.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Mobile applications or apps are specific programs that make the function of a hand-held device more convenient to its users. These programs range from entertainment applications like games or mp3 players to useful utilities like GPSes or calendars. Program developers make these apps easily obtainable and can be used anywhere, as long as the phone is operational.

Mobile apps are programed for easy access. With technology as fast and as efficient as it is today, anyone can simply download multiple apps in one phone, making the device multifunctional as a result. With the focus of technology centered on convenience, many users would want to utilize as many applications as possible.

The market for mobile apps is quite centered on the Internet, with many customers getting their apps from websites with minimal to no charge. Some apps only work with certain devices making the selection of appropriate apps limited to the make and model of one's phone. Marketing apps are also centered on the Internet, utilizing social media as its primary means of getting customers for better and upgradable apps.

Overall, the use of mobile applications is to make living quite easier. An app can help communicate better with people, search for latest news and information, and organize events and schedules for a person. Mobile apps are very useful for people and as stated, can turn a simple phone into a device that has many functions.

Monday, 10 March 2014

A Simple Guide to Understanding Entity Search

Posted by Unknown On 3/10/2014
Over the years, Google has tweaked their search engine algorithm to serve up better search results. After all, it wasn’t that long ago when early SEO practitioners stuffed their content with keywords in the hopes of boosting their ranking. Recent updates, however, have ensured that quality content takes precedence over keywords. That is, websites and pages that provide useful information are now prioritized over those with spammy content.

Now, Google is once again shaking up the search engine landscape with what they call “entity search.” This development aims to index the World Wide Web so that when users type in one keyword, the results displayed also show information related to it.

For example, if a user keys in “Leonardo da Vinci,” Google will not only show information about the painter, but also other relevant pages such as Da Vinci’s contemporaries, famous Renaissance paintings, and the history of the Renaissance. They do this by analyzing what users searched for in the past, and linking the results together to form a web of related information. In other words, Google looks at more than just keywords, but at all possible meanings attached to that keyword so the results displayed are as accurate and useful as possible.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Big Hands: Remedying the Ergonomic Problem

Posted by Unknown On 3/03/2014
Smartphones represent a quantum leap in mobile technology. Whereas a mobile entertainment system must consist of several devices (mp3 player, mobile phone, laptop, etc.), smartphones integrate everything. Now you have a mobile phone that can play music and movies, as well as browse the Internet.

Despite the radical leap, ergonomics still remains an issue, especially with the early smartphones and mobile devices. With the screen barely big enough to properly press a button, some users find it hard to send messages or browse websites without accidentally hitting something. Admit it: this has very likely happened to you once.

Manufacturers look to bigger screens in future models to mitigate the ergonomic issue, giving rise to the so-called “phablet,” a phone-and-tablet hybrid. For web designers, however, they see bigger buttons as the solution. Make mobile versions with buttons big enough to accommodate big fingers and prevent hitting the wrong buttons.

Think about it: instead of hyperlinks in text that you have to pinch-zoom to access, make buttons that don’t need pinch-zooming. Aside from faster loading times, mobile websites make browsing easier for smartphone and tablet users. It may not be the ultimate solution to the long-standing ergonomic problem, but it’s a good springboard to other, more advanced solutions.

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