Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Useful App Ideas for Grocery Stores

Posted by Jason Whitewood On 8/19/2014
Australia’s population may be 13 times smaller than that of the U.S., but it actually has more supermarkets per capita than America. That’s definitely something even Uncle Sam will be awed by.

Needless to say, groceries and supermarkets are a big business in the land down under, with revenues forecasted at $87 billion between 2013 and 2014. With a seemingly countless swarm of competitors, though, how can grocery owners hope to get a slice of this lucrative pie?

One way of doing so is by launching mobile apps that will make your customers’ lives easier. Below are two app ideas that are sure to net you more shoppers:

Ordering App
Most people see grocery shopping as a chore. So why not remove the tedium by allowing them to order groceries directly from a mobile app? They can just log in to the app, browse through your virtual shelves, and have the goods delivered to their doorsteps.

Grocery List
Grocery lists are useful because: (1) they allow people to finish shopping quickly; and (2) they keep shoppers from going over budget. A great idea is to develop your store’s own grocery list app, complete with price listings. That way, when customers use it to list items, they will get a running total of their bill as well.


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