Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Website Design Trends to Watch Out For

Posted by Unknown On 8/27/2014
For a business with an online presence, website design directly impacts how customers recognise the brand. Your website serves as your company’s Internet showroom, so you have to present your products or services competitively. By adjusting to the dynamic and modern changes in web design and SEO, you can create a strong, positive impact on your customers online.

Here are website design trends to watch out for, if you want to keep up:

Mobile Responsiveness is Everything

In every industry news or magazine you come across, you’ll find that making a mobile responsive web design is a necessity, rather than a luxury. A majority of customers browse the Internet using their smartphones and tablets, which means that your website has to adapt to smaller screens (and probably different dimensions) to drive traffic.

Making Navigation Easy-Breezy

Fixed navigation, or pinning the navigation bar on the top of whatever website page your customer goes into, makes browsing convenient for your users. Wherever they click or however far they scroll, they can go back to the key pages of your site, which can improve retention and conversion rates.

Maximising Digital Elements

High-resolution images, videos, icons, typography, and other digital elements enhance the user’s viewing experience. These website components must be chosen based on their appeal to your target market and structured in an organised layout.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Useful App Ideas for Grocery Stores

Posted by Unknown On 8/19/2014
Australia’s population may be 13 times smaller than that of the U.S., but it actually has more supermarkets per capita than America. That’s definitely something even Uncle Sam will be awed by.

Needless to say, groceries and supermarkets are a big business in the land down under, with revenues forecasted at $87 billion between 2013 and 2014. With a seemingly countless swarm of competitors, though, how can grocery owners hope to get a slice of this lucrative pie?

One way of doing so is by launching mobile apps that will make your customers’ lives easier. Below are two app ideas that are sure to net you more shoppers:

Ordering App
Most people see grocery shopping as a chore. So why not remove the tedium by allowing them to order groceries directly from a mobile app? They can just log in to the app, browse through your virtual shelves, and have the goods delivered to their doorsteps.

Grocery List
Grocery lists are useful because: (1) they allow people to finish shopping quickly; and (2) they keep shoppers from going over budget. A great idea is to develop your store’s own grocery list app, complete with price listings. That way, when customers use it to list items, they will get a running total of their bill as well.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

3 Things that Affect SEO You Probably Didn't Know

Posted by Unknown On 8/12/2014
SEO is an effective way to raise the rank of a web page organically. However, the success of SEO is not solely determined by link building and keyword research. These three factors also play a large role in the success of SEO:

Website Speed

When Google experimented with 30 search results per page for several queries, traffic dipped by 20 percent on those pages. The reason? The pages loaded slower!

Online users are used to the instant gratification the Internet brings them, so make sure you give them that same user experience. Slow-to-load websites see high bounce rates. This results in a drop in ranking because search engines interpret this as your site being irrelevant to the searched keywords.

Mobile-Supported Browsing

Mobile devices are overtaking desktop computers as the device of choice for Internet access. As such, your website needs to be accessible on mobile phones; if not, loading speed bogs down.

You can resolve any speed issues by auditing your site via Webmaster Tools and Google Labs, particularly Page Speed Online. After crawling through your site, these features will suggest measures to effectively lower the time it takes for your site to load.

Update Frequency

Google is all about providing informative, high-quality, and up-to-date information to their users. This is why you’re encouraged to fill up your blog as often as possible. The more relevant entries you post on your blog, the more likely search engines will recommend your site to their users.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

"People these days live in a multiplatform world. They read the morning news on a tablet, check the sport scores on their smartphones, type out emails on their PCs, and watch online videos using their laptops. If you happen to be a business owner, having a standard website just won’t cut it anymore—not if you want to get the attention of the so-called “second screen” generation. That’s why Viper Online Marketing, as one of the leading Perth website design firm, has decided to go all-in on multiplatform web development. Multiplatform development, otherwise known as responsive design, is a design philosophy wherein websites automatically adjust themselves according to the device being used. For example, a landscape photo on a PC site might be rendered as a square-cropped picture on a smartphone due to its smaller screen size. Moving forward, all websites we design for clients will exhibit this intelligent ability to conform to any and all screens regardless of dimensions."

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

More Web Manoeuvre Room with a Mobile Device

Posted by Unknown On 8/05/2014
The great thing about surfing the Internet these days is being able to do it while on the go. For example, a person may be using Google Glass to find the best route to a place across town, while another is using their smartphone to shop online while aboard a bus.
Whatever the purpose, being able to surf the Net on a small screen and do it with ease is something you can be thankful for. You need Perth web designers to help you take advantage of it as a business owner through some handy pointers.
Little Brother, Big Brother
If you have a website and tried to access it through a mobile device, you will understand the difficulty in zooming the screen in or out. This problem can be solved by developing a mobile-friendly version of the website that runs well on iOS or Android platforms. A test of sample sites on select units with those two operating systems can point potential kinks and makes sure the final version is glitch-free.
Easy to tap
Mobile websites are fun to explore if the link buttons do not detract from the experience. To achieve this end, some developers recommend creating touch targets that are measured 40 pixels by 40px, with ten-pixel margins. The font size must be around 14px.
Remember, a well-engineered mobile site can do wonders for your business. Make it happen for your customers.

Monday, 4 August 2014

"This August, Viper Online will make things easier for you if you are dead-set on receiving our excellent service packages. From August 1 to August 31, we will give you a 70% discount on a Brand Booster package when you buy our 12 Advance Keyword SEO package. From the original price of $1,100, you get to enjoy Brand Booster services for only $330—a savings of $770! The offer is open only to the FIRST FIVE customers who will purchase the Perth SEO package so now isn’t the time to hesitate. Our Brand Booster package comprises five blog posts and a special video about your company. The posts allow you to share the best points about your business while the video helps showcase your product or service in a more creative manner."

Saturday, 2 August 2014

"The Australian Communications and Media Authority discovered that the number of mobile internet users in the country has increased by 33 percent since June 2012. This is despite the fact that mobile services in Australia only grew by three percent from 2012 to 2013, which means that more people are using their mobiles to browse the Internet rather than make calls. In addition, a growing number of people (about 52 percent) say that the quality of an SME’s mobile website influences their decision to do business with the company in question. Consequently, businesses need the services of a web developer from Perth who can build mobile-friendly versions of their websites. Indeed, some internet marketing and web design firms are already experimenting with what is known as ‘responsive web design’ to address this emerging need. Such a technology ensures that a website is automatically optimized on every web browser or device where it is accessed."

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