Monday, 17 March 2014

The First Website Returns to the Web

Posted by Jason Whitewood On 3/17/2014
Today’s websites are a far cry from what they used to be more than 20 years ago. During an era when responsive web design, CSS, and vector graphics hadn’t yet come to the fore, the first websites were nothing more than lines of text. Some of them sported an iconic purple colour and underline, a hyperlink. Back then, images on a website were considered top-notch.

However, words aren’t enough to describe these early websites. To appreciate how the Internet has evolved over the decades, pick your favourite website and open it on one tab, then open the site created by Tim Berners-Lee himself ( You’ll be surprised at how far the World Wide Web has come today.

New technology was slowly introduced and integrated into web design; hyperlinks gave way to Flash and bitmap images were replaced by vector graphics. Nevertheless, the major shift in trends didn’t necessarily mean the basics have sunk into obscurity. Aspiring web designers start their lessons with basic HTML, which still has applications today.

It’s a fact of life that learning from the present helps us deal with the present. That’s why new website design technology, as with other inventions, are born out of necessity. CSS and other scripts may be a cut above HTML, but they must not forget why they were made in the first place.


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