Monday, 26 January 2015

On the subject of apps, an article on dated July 31, 2014 highlights the fact that Australia’s app economy is bigger than the U.S. and the U.K., and that it is poised to grow even more in time. The article maintains that the growing digital sector could be a “potential strength” of the country’s economy, and notes that Australia’s easy access to 4G and smartphone technology is convincing investors to put some serious money into app development. Additionally, the article goes on to say that while the apps of today are focused on bringing companies’ services to mobile devices, the apps of the near future might focus more on purchasing on the go. The future of apps is looking bright for Australians, particularly to local businesses hoping to use apps to reach out to their customers. A well-made app that sports helpful user-friendly functions will surely help customers find what they need without looking for another business to purchase from.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

When Penguin first rolled out in 2012, it shook the foundations of online marketing. Business websites left and right saw their rankings plunge deeper than Lake Macleod. As an English-speaking country, Australian websites were among those hit hard, making up part of the 3.1 percent of all English search queries. In Penguin’s aftermath, affected websites were given two choices to reel from the situation. They could either fix certain issues or start from scratch.

Monday, 5 January 2015

App Development 101: What You Should Know

Posted by Unknown On 1/05/2015
One of the more popular tools that people use nowadays are apps. This is due to the fact that such instruments give smartphones a new breadth of interactivity and convenience. In fact, businesses have been busy developing apps. That said, it is essential for businesses that want in on the action to keep abreast with a few key principles when developing an app
Once you’ve thought about its function, you should focus on determining what platforms people can use to access your app. This is crucial, as most people who use apps are those who have smartphones, and the operating systems (OS) of their phones vary—the top three being Android, and Windows. Hence, you should design an app that can be used on any of these systems or even all three of them, if necessary.

On that note, most app developers stick to one or two systems as they are gauging how people would respond to their product. Apps designed exclusively for iOS, for instance, give users a sense of pride as such apps are only available to those who have iPhones; the same goes for Android-exclusive apps. As such, you should also determine which market you want to cater to when creating an app. After all, each platform can work for your app as a promotional tool, so careful consideration is essential for a successful app campaign.

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