Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Website Design Trends to Watch Out For

Posted by Unknown On 8/27/2014
For a business with an online presence, website design directly impacts how customers recognise the brand. Your website serves as your company’s Internet showroom, so you have to present your products or services competitively. By adjusting to the dynamic and modern changes in web design and SEO, you can create a strong, positive impact on your customers online.

Here are website design trends to watch out for, if you want to keep up:

Mobile Responsiveness is Everything

In every industry news or magazine you come across, you’ll find that making a mobile responsive web design is a necessity, rather than a luxury. A majority of customers browse the Internet using their smartphones and tablets, which means that your website has to adapt to smaller screens (and probably different dimensions) to drive traffic.

Making Navigation Easy-Breezy

Fixed navigation, or pinning the navigation bar on the top of whatever website page your customer goes into, makes browsing convenient for your users. Wherever they click or however far they scroll, they can go back to the key pages of your site, which can improve retention and conversion rates.

Maximising Digital Elements

High-resolution images, videos, icons, typography, and other digital elements enhance the user’s viewing experience. These website components must be chosen based on their appeal to your target market and structured in an organised layout.

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