Tuesday, 5 August 2014

More Web Manoeuvre Room with a Mobile Device

Posted by Jason Whitewood On 8/05/2014
The great thing about surfing the Internet these days is being able to do it while on the go. For example, a person may be using Google Glass to find the best route to a place across town, while another is using their smartphone to shop online while aboard a bus.
Whatever the purpose, being able to surf the Net on a small screen and do it with ease is something you can be thankful for. You need Perth web designers to help you take advantage of it as a business owner through some handy pointers.
Little Brother, Big Brother
If you have a website and tried to access it through a mobile device, you will understand the difficulty in zooming the screen in or out. This problem can be solved by developing a mobile-friendly version of the website that runs well on iOS or Android platforms. A test of sample sites on select units with those two operating systems can point potential kinks and makes sure the final version is glitch-free.
Easy to tap
Mobile websites are fun to explore if the link buttons do not detract from the experience. To achieve this end, some developers recommend creating touch targets that are measured 40 pixels by 40px, with ten-pixel margins. The font size must be around 14px.
Remember, a well-engineered mobile site can do wonders for your business. Make it happen for your customers.


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