Friday, 14 March 2014

On Mobile Apps and Their Purpose for Phones and Users

Posted by Jason Whitewood On 3/14/2014
Mobile applications or apps are specific programs that make the function of a hand-held device more convenient to its users. These programs range from entertainment applications like games or mp3 players to useful utilities like GPSes or calendars. Program developers make these apps easily obtainable and can be used anywhere, as long as the phone is operational.

Mobile apps are programed for easy access. With technology as fast and as efficient as it is today, anyone can simply download multiple apps in one phone, making the device multifunctional as a result. With the focus of technology centered on convenience, many users would want to utilize as many applications as possible.

The market for mobile apps is quite centered on the Internet, with many customers getting their apps from websites with minimal to no charge. Some apps only work with certain devices making the selection of appropriate apps limited to the make and model of one's phone. Marketing apps are also centered on the Internet, utilizing social media as its primary means of getting customers for better and upgradable apps.

Overall, the use of mobile applications is to make living quite easier. An app can help communicate better with people, search for latest news and information, and organize events and schedules for a person. Mobile apps are very useful for people and as stated, can turn a simple phone into a device that has many functions.


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