Sunday, 13 April 2014

How iPhone Apps are Developed

Posted by Unknown On 4/13/2014
Ever wondered how those fun, useful, and sometimes cheeky mobile applications are created? Developers all over the world are churning out hundreds of apps virtually every day, and one might wonder how it is done. Fortunately for you, here’s a generalized and simplified rundown of the process:
Step One: task assessment. Commercially affiliated developers are usually given a design brief to serve as their main guide, including a technical summary of what the app should do and how it should function. This is the developer’s “homework stage”, where countless hours of research is required.
Step Two: competitor analysis/inspiration search. Developers carefully observe the market where they’ll put the app. Chances are, there are hundreds, or even thousands of competitors, and it is their job to make their project stand out. They either test out the competition to get ideas, and take note of the current leader’s strengths and weaknesses.
Step Three: development proper & testing. This is where the developer churns out the app’s first prototypes. Trial and error is critical to them at this point, as they usually work hand in hand with the client during this stage. This is where the app’s beta testing and initial release also occurs.

Step Four: Feedback gathering, editing, and finalization. The developer gathers user reviews, takes note of them and tweaks the app in the process. After fixing bugs and improving the interface, the app is finalized, and finally put up on the market. 


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