Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Ever Growing Importance of Mobile Apps

Posted by Jason Whitewood On 5/13/2014
Australia's digital economy is on the rise, as the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) reveals in a 2012-2013 study. Mobile usage is steadily increasing, and with it, ease in mobile access to accommodate the continuously evolving needs of Australian consumers. In addition, the prevalence of smartphones, up by 29% from May 2012, makes mobile applications more beneficial for most businesses.

 Mobile apps, as they're usually called, often offer information that consumers want on demand. Users may want to learn more details about a brand's specific product, or get helpful tips to aid them in their everyday lives. Some may even want to discuss a product’s or service's attributes, and share what they know with other users. Others may like to browse through special deals and promotions when shopping for what they need.

When users find apps that relate to their needs and desires, more often than not, they become loyal to the brand, and feel that the brand understands them more than any other. Though app developers can make programs that focus on games and entertainment, brand managers should understand that apps need to be specially designed to be an effective part of their mobile marketing strategy. A fancy app cannot help the brand without the proper integration of all the elements needed to enhance users’ experience. Those who understand this concept can do what is necessary to win the mobile marketing race.


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