Monday, 19 May 2014

Most Common Website Design Faux Pas

Posted by Jason Whitewood On 5/19/2014
According to estimates, about two billion people have access to the World Wide Web. So for business owners, it really pays to have a website in order to tap this vast audience. In today’s Internet-saturated times, a business without a website is like a shop without a sign.
With that said, putting up a website for the sake doing so is never a good idea. Web surfers have become more sophisticated now and they’ll leave your site quickly if it isn’t well-designed. To create an engaging and high-traffic website, be sure to avoid these web design faux pas:

Design First, Content Later

Visual appeal is a hallmark of good website design, but it should not be the star of the show. Remember, people visit your website for its content, so don’t make the mistake of creating the design first then shoehorning the content later.

Ads, Ads, More Ads

Nothing drives visitors away faster than a barrage of intrusive advertisements. While you can certainly display ads on your site to monetise it, be sure to implement them in a tasteful, discreet manner.

How Do I Contact You Again?

So you’ve managed to attract viewers to your site? Then you’re that much closer generating leads! If your “Contact Us” page is buried deep within your website though, prospective clients won’t be able to do business with you.


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