Monday, 1 December 2014

Does Your Business Need an App?

Posted by Jason Whitewood On 12/01/2014
These days, just about everyone owns a smart device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or phablet. Of course, the heart and soul of these gadgets are the apps they contain, which offer a myriad of handy functions. Need a virtual ruler? There’s an app for that!  Need to know how many calories you’ve consumed today? There’s an app for that, too!

Indeed, apps are so popular that even businesses are developing these bite-sized software for their clients’ benefit. So the big question is: should you jump onto this bandwagon, too? To help you answer that question, here are three considerations to mull over:

What does it Offer?
Don’t create an app solely as a marketing platform—consumers know better. Rather, let your app make their lives easier. For instance, a bank can create an app that allows users to check their balance, pay bills, or transfer funds.

Is it Suited to Your Company?
Ask yourself: does my business really call for an app? The truth is, some businesses are more suited to having an app, whereas others—especially those that cater to very niche markets—might not be.

Who Will Develop It?

Chances are, your company doesn’t have the in-house resources needed for app creation. If so, you may need the services of app developers in Perth to help you with developing the app. They should be able to advise whether or not your idea is actually a feasible one.


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